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Congress is considering a law that could empower a single unelected official to make decisions about what websites, apps, and technology you can use. The price for noncompliance? Try as much as a million-dollar fine or 20 years in jail.

The RESTRICT Act is being touted as a way to stop foreign adversaries from using apps and technology to harm Americans’ national security. But this proposed law does far more than protect us from adversaries’ data harvesting and influence, it could fundamentally change the way you use the internet. 

Do you use TikTok? How about a VPN? Have you downloaded an app not available in the US while traveling? Based on the language in the RESTRICT Act, you could be held criminally accountable for all of these actions and more. We need to send a clear message to the government: Hands off our internet!

Tell Congress that we don’t fight authoritarian regimes with authoritarianism. Let them know that you oppose the RESTRICT Act today, and that you won’t stand for legislation like it in the future. 

Read more about the RESTRICT Act here.