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We Protect Free Speech

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At FIRE, we’re unapologetic defenders of the First Amendment. Period.

We’re also pretty darn good at it. We’ve been in this fight for twenty five years. Our teams of litigators, advocates, lobbyists, writers, researchers, and others are incredibly effective at changing laws, policies, and — most importantly — minds.

Add your name to join FIRE’s free speech movement. You’ll learn about our ongoing cases and find out how YOU can help protect our most fundamental freedoms.

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Philly Loves Free Speech

FIRE is headquartered in Philadelphia, a city that helped bring free speech to America when the First Amendment was ratified 232 years ago.

We’re proud of our Philly roots. That’s why we’ve launched a major campaign to spread the word about the work we do and how Philadelphians can join the fight for free speech.


We’re bringing FIRE’s defense of free expression to all Philadelphians through a major television and digital video campaign highlighting our work.


Free speech is a big deal, so we went big. To get the word out, we’re advertising on more than 100 billboards, including four in Center City, and on dozens of displays at the Philadelphia International Airport. To find the ones nearest you, explore the interactive map below.

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FIRE gratefully accepts donations using major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and PayPal.

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We can only do this work because of the generosity of our donors. Speech is free; defending it isn’t.

That’s why FIRE needs you on our side.

For just $25/year you can be a card-carrying member of FIRE, and help defend the rights of all Americans to free speech and thought. Each and every day, we’re putting our members’ $25 contributions to good use – defending your rights in the courts of law and public opinion.

FIRE is a charitable and educational tax-exempt foundation within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to FIRE are deductible to the fullest extent provided by tax laws. FIRE's Federal Identification Number is 04-3467254.