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Fordham University has consistently failed to take the free expression of its students seriously.

According to FIRE’s 2024 College Free Speech Rankings, Fordham ranked 244 out of 248 institutions. Students reported their discomfort expressing ideas, lack of confidence in the administration’s support for speech, and acceptance of students shouting down speakers.

The administration has contributed to the problem by sanctioning a student, a student group, and a scholar. Is it any wonder that students are intimidated to share their opinions? 

Fordham’s spineless stance toward free expression inspires little confidence among students and faculty that their university will stand up for them in their time of need. This has a chilling effect on student and faculty expression which flies in the face of Fordham’s own promise to provide students with “the freedom of inquiry required by rigorous thinking and the quest for truth.” 

Tell Fordham to cultivate a better climate for free expression by endorsing a principled pro-free speech statement like the “Chicago Statement,” revising its problematic speech codes, and supporting students and faculty as they become embroiled in free speech controversies. Only then will Fordham bounce back from this year’s very poor ranking.